本文摘要:Intel Corp.s crusade to redefine the personal computer is entering a crucial phase, as a new breed of sleek skinny portables jostle with tablet-style devices and smartphones for consumer attention.随着新一代的轻巧便携产品重新加入到同平板设备和智能手机对消费者注意力的争夺战之中,英特尔公司新的定义个人电脑的运动转入了一个关键阶段。

Intel Corp.s crusade to redefine the personal computer is entering a crucial phase, as a new breed of sleek skinny portables jostle with tablet-style devices and smartphones for consumer attention.随着新一代的轻巧便携产品重新加入到同平板设备和智能手机对消费者注意力的争夺战之中,英特尔公司新的定义个人电脑的运动转入了一个关键阶段。A host of companies are using next weeks Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to show off entries in a new category called Ultrabooks, a term the chip giant coined as part of an effort to spur its customers to make more desirable products.Bloomberg News今年9月在旧金山的一个科技论坛上展览的华硕Ultrabook。


一些公司于是以想利用下周在拉斯维加斯举行的消费电子产品展览(Consumer Electronics Show)发售一种取名为Ultrabook的新产品。Ultrabook一词是芯片巨头英特尔的发明者,目的在于性刺激客户生产出有极具吸引力的产品。Manufacturers expected to introduce new thin laptops at the show include Dell Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd. and Acer Inc. The products follow portables using the Ultrabook moniker from companies such as Hewlett-Packard Co., Toshiba Corp. and Asustek Computer Inc.将要在展出上讲解新的更加厚的笔记本电脑的制造商还包括戴尔公司(Dell Inc.)、联想集团(Lenovo Group Ltd.)以及宏基股份有限公司(Acer Inc.)等公司。惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard Co.)、东芝公司(Toshiba Corp.)以及华硕电脑有限公司(Asustek Computer Inc.)等皆发售了以Ultrabook名为的便携式电脑。

Making portables smaller is hardly a new idea. Backers of Ultrabooks, inspired largely by Apple Inc.s MacBook Air, hope to take stylish designs that typically command a premium to mainstream price points. Though Ultrabooks mostly start at roughly $899 to $1,400, hardware companies expect to soon reach more consumer-friendly prices of $699 or lower.生产更加小巧的便携式电脑不是什么新鲜点子。那些生产Ultrabook的厂商──他们大都受到了苹果公司(Apple Inc.)的MacBook Air的灵感──期望将一般来说而言价格较高的设计华丽的产品降至与主流产品差不多的价格。

尽管最最初大多数Ultrabook价格都在899美元到1400美元之间,但硬件厂商预期迅速就能超过更加亲民的699美元或者更加较低的水平。Ultrabooks also take a page from Apples iPad tablet computer by booting up more quickly and operating longer on a battery charge than conventional laptops. Backers expect future models to exploit touch screens, with some converting between tablet and clamshell-style configurations.Ultrabook还从苹果的iPad 获得了灵感,与传统笔记本比起运营速度更加慢,电池续航时间更长。

生产厂商预计,未来的款式中将用于触摸屏,功能介于平板电脑和翻盖式笔记本电脑之间。The stakes are high for many companies but particularly for Intel and Microsoft Corp., dominant suppliers to PC makers whose growth rates have been surpassed as demand has swelled for other kinds of mobile devices. Sales of tablets across the globe, for example, are expected to rise nearly 63% in 2012 to more than 103 million units, predicts research firm Gartner Inc. World-wide PC shipments, by contrast, are expected to rise 4.5% to about 370 million units.对于许多厂商来说,赌局还是较为低的,但对英特尔和微软公司来说就特别是在如此。英特尔和微软公司是PC制造商的供应商,长期以来占有着市场主导地位。


随着对其他种类的移动设备市场需求的收缩,这些PC制造商的增长率正在被领先于。据市场研究公司Gartner Inc.预测,2012年全球平板电脑的销量将不会提升63%,减少到1.03亿台以上。相比之下,全球的个人电脑预计不会快速增长4.5%,超过3.7亿台。Intel helped marshal a response for the broader PC industry by kicking off the Ultrabook initiative in late May at a Taiwan trade show. It has set up a $300 million venture-capital fund to support related technology companies, and is expected to boost its advertising and promotional support to PC makers to drive demand for Ultrabooks.英特尔在5月末的台湾商业动漫展发售了Ultrabook计划,这是该公司对普遍意义上的PC行业作出的一个对此。


The chip maker expects the more attractive size and features of Ultrabooks to transform the laptop category, bolstered by plans to roll out successive generations of chips to help drive up performance and battery life. Though not many Ultrabooks are quite as thin as the MacBook Air which tapers from a thickness of 0.68 inch to 0.11 inch at one point Intel expects dimensions to shrink rapidly.英特尔期望Ultrabook在尺寸和功能方面需要更加更有人,为笔记本行业带给变革。该公司有计划倒数发售几代芯片来提高Ultrabook的展现出和电池续航时间。

尽管多数Ultrabook都不像 MacBook Air那样轻巧(最厚一处1.7厘米,最厚一处0.3厘米),但英特尔期望着Ultrabook需要很快构建瘦身。Intel predicts Ultrabooks will account for about 40% of consumer portable PC sales in 2012. IHS iSuppli sees Ultrabooks hitting 43% of world-wide notebook PC shipments by 2015.据英特尔公司预测,Ultrabook将不会占2012年便携电脑销量的大约40%。据美国市场研究公司IHS iSuppli预计,到2015年,Ultrabooks将不会占有全球笔记本电脑出货量的43%。